If I am honest, on a week like this week, with so many acts of violence in the name of God, it’s hard to talk about Religious Liberty. But, if we look back in the pages of history—of religious history—we see that we live in a world where hate and anger, for some reason, can…

Have U Seen?

We can easily get mixed-up with Law and Faith—putting up in front of us this mirror of perfection, instead of this relationship with the Living God.

What Now?

Deep suffering turns us inward and upward, as we ponder and wonder the presence of God in the midst of this life—particularly in the hardest of circumstances.

Building Sanctuary

Within these prayer-soaked walls, we discover a place where Heaven and Earth seem to meet—to brush up against one another—and where the Love of God is visible—even if for just a fleeting moment—in a world where it oftentimes seems hidden.

How Old?

After all of the Alleluias are over, we have to remember that God is the one who is and who was and who is to come. So, we say to one another today, in this room, “God knows your name”.

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