It sounds like Jeremiah gives the wrong answer to each and every question, except God hears it differently. God hears humility, innocence, meekness—this different kind of strength.

I Have Seen…

When Paul got to Damascus, if he found anyone in the synagogue who were followers of “The Way”—which were followers of Jesus—he would have the authority to bind them and take them back for judgement. But, along the way, Paul—who was known as Saul, at this point—was given a new pair of glasses.

I Heard…

A visible, chronic illness was oftentimes thought to be a curse—perhaps from God, or even the work of something evil. So, people who had an unclean illness were seen to have an unclean spirit, and disconnected from everyone around them—held at arm’s length, so loneliness accompanied them wherever they went.

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