Psalm 1 can become our prayer, “God, teach us the ways of Jesus. Root our lives in the stream of your grace. May we live in your mercy and abide in your wisdom.”

Go Forth

When we step out into a larger world, we discover a new song to sing, but it just might be to a familiar tune. A tune we learned long ago.

Something Old

Love is as old as creation itself. There is nothing new under the sun. There are new ways we can learn to respond to our neighbor, but they are rooted in something old.

A Rocket in Reverse

We do not use the word bored, not because we do not want to miss something exciting, but because what is exciting can make us miss everything else.


There is more than one doorway to the church. We are not just talking about the doorways to the physical building, but all the doorways that lead us to the steadfast love of God.

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