A Quiet Heart

The disruptions and distractions of this life can burrow down deep into our lives. Our souls can feel crowded by all of the noise around us so much so that one of our deepest, most honest prayers that we struggle to put into words might be to have a quiet soul.


I think it is important to remember that this conversation is as old as the Church, where a life a faith has never been free from such tension.

Moving Furniture

Have we been thinking about all of this in the wrong way? Are we starting with the wrong question? Is it that we make sense out of the gospel, or is it that the gospel makes sense out of us?

Each Other

Paul comes back to the cross, which he calls foolishness, because he knows that all the explanation in the world cannot sell the cross. It can only be given away.

Do Not Point

It is why the doors of the sanctuary open outward. They open out into this world, which tells the story of the gospel. We are building community in here and then serving community out there.

Another Road

The inherent gift in front of us in any new beginning, whether it is a new year, new semester, or new week, as we gather on the first day of the week every week on the Lord’s Day, is the chance to go home by another road.

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