John H. Jeffers Memorial Concert

On 1 March 2009, the Sanctuary Choir of Auburn First Baptist presented the John H. Jeffers Memorial Concert.

Selecting music for this Memorial Service was a difficult task, not for the lack of material or doubts about what Dr. Jeffers liked, but rather because John loved so many of the great hymns and noble anthems of the church. He once shared with me an incident that had taken place while he was in college. He told of a distinguished professor who would say to those taking his “Preaching Class”: “Now boys (all males in those days), when you go out to your churches this Sunday, sing the great hymns of the faith like, Holy, Holy, Holy, not Under the Spout, Where the Glory Runs Out.” John Jeffers took these words to heart and they influenced his ministry. If we sang all of John Jeffers’ favorite hymns and anthems, we would have an All Day Singing! And perhaps that is what we should do. Instead, I have tried to select some of John’s favorites and other anthems and hymns which reflect his theology, his ministry, and his life.

On heaven’s blissful shore, God’s goodness we’ll adore,
Singing forevermore, Alleluia! Amen!

The preparation of this music was a labor of love by the Sanctuary Choir and those “friends” who join us. Those of us who had the pleasure to sit beside him in the pulpit area, or hear his enthusiastic singing, or observe his attentive listening to the anthems, believe that this Memorial Concert is a most fitting way to honor the life and ministry of our friend and former pastor, Dr. John H. Jeffers. We miss John Jeffers. His influence will remain a lasting testament to his life.

You can listen to selections from this service, in the form of MP3 audio files: