We Are Called to Be God’s People

Hymn #477 in Celebrating Grace Hymnal — “We Are Called to Be God’s People”

[pullquote_center width=”85%”]We are called to be God’s prophets, speaking for the truth and right,
Standing firm for godly justice, bringing evil into light.
Let us seek the courage needed, our high calling to fulfill,
That we all may know the blessing of the doing of God’s will.[/pullquote_center]

Prophet. When I see the word, my mind goes to seers, oracles, fortune-tellers, or at least future-tellers. How about yours? In actuality, the word means something less spectacular, and more applicable to our lives today. A prophet is one who speaks a fresh word from God for the world. You see my meaning? We could all be called to be prophets, listening to the guidance of God as we share a fresh message of hope to the world. We could be the ones called to envision and embody the reign of Christ in the world. Sound daunting? It does to me, too. But our help and courage comes from our close relatedness to Jesus and his message. Prophets. I am, and you are. All of us are called.

Auburn First Baptist Church