Looking Ahead…

Today, prior to looking ahead, I would like to “look back” on the past three Sundays. GMO Sunday was a wonderful combination of the spoken word and the sung word. Ronnie’s Brewer’s message and Kate Campbell’s music fit so perfectly together, reminding us of our Christian duty to care for the “least of these.” (By the way, we are still a little short of our Global Ministries Goal and hope if you have not participated that you will prayerfully consider doing so.) The following week was College Sunday and our students under the leadership of our Interim College Minister, Leigh Anne Armstrong, were outstanding. And outstanding is the word I would use to describe Meagan Smith’s sermon, too. Then last evening, we enjoyed music presented by our children and youth. Choir Recognition Service was followed by a wonderful time of fellowship in our Favorite Dessert Fellowship. Thanks to all the music leadership, participants, and all who brought those scrumptious desserts!!!

May is filled with special times of worship and fellowship, including a Baptism service on May 12th, our High School Senior Banquet on May 19th, and the 40th Year College Choir Reunion May 24-26. These events will bring visitors to our church, and I know you always give our guests a “warm welcome” to Auburn First Baptist.

All of these special events are exciting, but for me, the real excitement of Auburn First Baptist is what happens each and every week when we gather for worship. Because of varying factors (attendance, participants, etc.) no two worship services are ever exactly alike. And when we miss a worship experience, it is—in a real sense—gone forever. That is one reason why gathering together is so important. We are the local Body of Christ and when all members of the Body participate in its worship, work, and service, what can be accomplished for the Kingdom is beyond what we can imagine! The Body of Christ needs me!… needs you!… needs all of us!

Auburn First Baptist Church