Looking Ahead…

The first words today are words of appreciation for all the good work done by our Children’s Committee, Meagan Smith, Leigh Anne Armstrong, and a host of others in preparation and execution of our Vacation Bible School. If you were present Sunday, you saw a sample of what our children experienced throughout their time together. Thanks also to Mark Wilson for preaching such an appropriate and meaningful sermon.

This Sunday, June 16th, our pulpit guest will be Dr. John Pierce, editor of Baptist Today. John has received numerous awards for his writings and is also an outstanding preacher. Our service will begin with the observance the Ordinance of Baptism for Tripp and Annalee Isbell. This ordinance is so special, not only for Tripp and Annalee, but for each of us, as we both support them and also remember the experience of our own baptism. Mark Wilson, co-chair of our Pastor Search Committee will also bring us an update on their committee’s work.

I am not sure what to say about June 23rd except that there has surely been a mathematical mistake! It does not seem possible that I have served here for forty years. If that is correct, it will be very difficult for me to lie about my age and not be caught! Kidding aside, for me it has been a wonderful forty years. You have heard me say before, “I am paid by you to do what I would pay to do!” What a joy to minister here at Auburn First Baptist with you! Thank you for loving and caring for me and my family. Most of all—thank you so very much for “being you!”

In regards to the service on June 23rd, I have been “kept in the dark.” However, I was allowed to select a Call to Worship and an anthem. The anthem chosen is Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. I heard this in Junior High School while in a geography class. It was being sung by a choir in an adjacent room. I did not know what I was hearing. I could not understand the text. But I was “moved” by the beauty of what I was hearing. That was a significant moment in my life as I realized the profound power of music.

For the Call to Worship, I selected a recently composed work, Come Dwell in Solomon’s Walls. The text speaks of what takes place as we come to God’s House to worship. It also serves an invitation to each of us to dwell in that house.

Come dwell in Solomon’s walls, Come and dwell in the house of the Lord,
Where the humble bow down seeking wisdom and strength,
For the Lord dwells within and heals their land.

Come dwell in Solomon’s walls, Come and dwell in the house of the Lord,
Where wisdom and righteousness, Justice and holiness Join
at the feet of God. Come Dwell!

Worshiping together with you… in God’s house—for forty years. Thanks be to God!… and each of you!

Auburn First Baptist Church