Looking Ahead…

Words are so very inadequate to express all my feelings relating to Auburn First Baptist and the 40th Anniversary of my service here. Preparing for the Reflections on Forty Years presented last Thursday evening was emotionally packed for me. I was glad to have the opportunity of sharing some of those memories… both serious and humorous with you! It was a difficult task to reduce forty years to thirty minutes. I came close!

Sunday’s worship experience was wonderful. Ronnie’s sermon, “Sing Church!” was right on! The commissioned hymn written by Leigh Anne Armstrong captures the essence of church music, challenging us to use heart, mind, and voice in proclaiming God’s love. It was a special time of worship as the Sanctuary Choir and Bryan King lead so beautifully and skillfully. I am also most grateful for the generous gift from the church.

I don’t know where to begin in discussing the meal and the roast. All I know to say concerning the “Roast” is that it seemed to be enjoyed way too much by both the “roasters” and the listeners. It was absolutely delightful and I thank everyone. Special thanks to the Personnel Committee, the Social Committee, and the Sanctuary Choir who worked so hard to make the day so special for me and for my family! Many people, including Trista Slaughter and the office staff spent many hours working behind the scenes with pictures and preparing the delightful power point presentation. I appreciate everything about Sunday as I have appreciated the opportunity to serve our church these forty years!

Now, since this column is named “Looking Ahead,” let me briefly do that! You will want to be present on Thursday evening, July 11th when Wayne Flynt begins a series of Thursday evenings with us discussing “The History of Auburn First Baptist.” These presentations will be based on the brief vignettes that we have so enjoyed reading during this, our 175th Year Celebration. Please join us!

I also ask you to keep in prayer our children who will be attending Passport Kids! July 7-11, our youth attending Passport Youth, July 14-19, and our Brazil Mission Team as they travel and serve July 13-28.

There are many activities and opportunities for ministry available at Auburn First Baptist. Don’t miss out… be a part of them!

Auburn First Baptist Church