Looking Ahead…

The weekend of July 19-21 offers our Family of Faith some wonderful opportunities for food, fun, fellowship, and a most interesting time of study with Dr. Fisher Humphreys. On Friday evening, our Children’s Committee is sponsoring a Picnic and Kickball at MLK park. Although especially planned for families with preschoolers, children, and youth, everyone is invited… and “no!” you don’t have to play kickball. Just come and watch the younger members of our Faith Family and enjoy!

Having Dr. Fisher Humphreys serve as our interim preacher during this transitional time provides us with some unique opportunities. Dr. Humphreys has recently completed another book, and this book looks at our Baptist Legacy. Why are we Baptists? What do we believe? Do all Baptists believe the same? These and many more questions will be answered by Dr. Humphreys as he leads us in discussions of Our Baptist Legacy. As a church and as an individual, it is important we know what we believe and why. These three sessions will be interesting and informative. I hope you will avail yourself of this wonderful opportunity.

There are two groups in particular that I would request you keep in your thoughts and prayers… our Brazil Mission Team and our Pastor Search Committee. Both groups represent our church and are doing important work that will advance God’s Kingdom.

Auburn First Baptist Church