Christian People, Sing Together

Hymn #271 in Celebrating Grace Hymnal — “Christian People, Sing Together”

[pullquote_center width=”90%”]Teach us, Lord, to trust each other, though our ways are not the same.
As You call us to Your purpose, bless our working in Your name.
In the world of daily living each uniquely serves Your will.
Show how every person matters as our calling we fulfill.[/pullquote_center]

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Self, it would be so much easier to get things done if everyone would do things the way I do”? C’mon, now, tell the truth! I think, somewhere in the back of our minds, all of us occasionally think that there is one best way to get things done, and that our way is that way. Funny thing, though—that isn’t how groups work together. The Apostle Paul, centuries before the study of group dynamics, saw the church as a body, made up of many diverse and differently-working parts. Expecting everyone’s way of serving to be like mine would be like a foot being disappointed that a nose couldn’t walk or run, but could breathe and smell instead.

So—if we can’t expect others to work in the same ways that we do, what ties our diverse actions together? This hymnist feels that the vital ingredient to successful group work is trust. I believe she is right. But how do you trust someone who is different from you? This verse of Dobson’s hymn makes the case that, as each of us answers the call of God to service, that calling provides the strong foundation for mutual trust. As each of us seeks God’s will for our working, trust grows and every person matters.