Our Baptist Legacy: Four-Part Series

Why are we Baptists? What do we believe? Do all Baptists believe the same?

These and many more questions are discussed in this four-part series, presented at Auburn First Baptist Church on 21 July 2013.

Download the MP3 audio files of these four sessions, along with handout PDFs, linked below:

  1. Our Baptist Theological Legacy: The Majority Tradition [52:04] Handout 1 (PDF)
  2. Our Baptist Legacy (Sermon) [22:37]
  3. Our Baptist Theological Legacy: The Majority Tradition [25:06] Handout 2 (PDF)
  4. Our Baptist Theological Legacy: Seven Minority Traditions [1:34:47]

For further study, you may wish to purchase The Way We Were: How Southern Baptist Theology Has Changed and What It Means to Us All, a book about the theological dimensions of the controversies within the Southern Baptist Convention during the 1980s and 90s.

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