Looking Ahead…

How exciting it was to hear the report from the Pastor Search Committee that they will be presenting a candidate to the church on August 18th. This is something for which we have all prayed. The week prior, we will receive biographical information about the candidate. Within the next few weeks, a schedule of the weekend opportunities to meet the candidate will be also published. Please continue to keep everyone engaged in this process in your thoughts and prayers.

As you can imagine, potential candidates have contacted those who know our church to inquire about us. Our interim preacher, Fisher Humphreys, recently related this to me… One of the candidates being considered called him and asked about our church. Fisher said he replied, “If I were going into pastoral ministry and had the opportunity to go to Auburn First Baptist Church, I would jump at the chance!” Isn’t it nice to hear such words spoken of us, not by us… but by one who knows us well?

There is alot happening at Auburn First Baptist… This Thursday (8/1) at 6:00 p.m. hear reports from our Passport Campers; on Sunday, we’ll say “congratulations” to four of our very faithful College Students; and on Thursday, August 8th, Wayne Flynt continues his series on our church’s history.

Exciting days indeed at Auburn First Baptist! Come, join us!