Living Stones

Hymn #250 in Celebrating Grace Hymnal — “Living Stones”

[pullquote_center width=”95%”]Our God has built with living stones a church that lives as well;
In solid and in certain tones to pray, and sing, and tell.
Then should a seeker see the stones and ask what these rocks mean,
“They are the church which our God owns and through which Christ is seen!”[/pullquote_center]

I like rocks. They are fascinating. They are beautiful. No two are the same (geologists out there — if that is not true, keep it to yourself and don’t burst my bubble!). I like ’em. But, honestly, a rock is… just… a rock. Unless. Unless you gather up a bunch of rocks, and build something out of them, that is. Because, rocks together can be a bridge. Or a castle. Or a cathedral. Something solid, the kind of structure that stands the test of time.

The church is a little like that. I love people. Fascinating, beautiful, no two are the same (I know I’m right on this one!). But each individual person can only do so much. The real power in people lies in who we are together. When God gathers, we are the Church. And we are solid, sturdy, a living testimony to the loving, transformative touch of our Maker.

Pray, sing, and tell, Church. God has gathered you for this moment.

Auburn First Baptist Church