Looking Ahead…

For almost a year each member of Auburn First Baptist Church has been asked to keep the Pastor Search Committee in their thoughts and prayers. In addition, in every corporate worship service, we have remembered the PSC and have prayed for them and on their behalf asking God for wisdom and guidance as they sought the individual to present to our church as our next pastor. The Pastor Search Committee “put feet to these prayers” and met every week. In addition, they spent countless individual hours listening, watching, reading, studying information, and praying about their task. My unscientific “guesstimate” is that they devoted well over one thousand total hours to this endeavor. NOW, they are ready to present to us the candidate to whom they have been led and whom they believe and trust should be the next pastor of Auburn First Baptist Church. Being Baptist, I know I can only speak for myself, but this is exciting, wonderful, and welcomed news!

This Saturday, we will have the opportunity to meet the candidate and their family. On Sunday, First Baptist will gather for bible study, worship and then for sacred business… as we vote on the candidate. I know each of you will make an extra effort to be present on Saturday and Sunday. When the activities, worship, and business of this weekend are complete, Auburn First Baptist Church can begin—truly begin—looking ahead!

Auburn First Baptist Church