Middler Mashup!

Middler Mashup Bowling!
This summer, students promoting to middle school have been attending Middler Mashup.

During each meeting, we have discussed and studied a single topic (we’ve also had time for snacks, crafts, and fun!). Our topics this summer were Who Is Jesus?, What Is the Church For?, Where Do I Fit In?, and Family Traditions.

During our last session, we discussed our church family traditions—baptism and communion. In addition to a field trip to the baptistery and sharing communion together, each learner spent some time pondering the topic What I Believe About God and Me, and writing their thoughts.

I was so impressed that I wanted to share some of their writing with you:

  • “God loves me for my actions.”
  • “God loves me because of who I am.”
  • “(God and I) are friends. We are family.”
  • “God and I are alike because we are kind.”
  • “We share prayer.”
  • “God loves me no matter what. I love God no matter what.”

I think we have much to learn from our fabulous “middlers”!  And, did I mention the bowling party to wrap-up the summer?

Middlers! (acting totally normal)
Auburn First Baptist Church