Looking Ahead…

I guess all of us… individuals, families, and organizations of all types including churches look ahead in a variety of areas. During the past year, looking ahead in the life of our church was what I tried to accomplish in this column. Perhaps as I composed “Looking Ahead” I was really writing and speaking to myself. I believe I was needing to look forward to that new day, to that next step in the life and ministry of Auburn First Baptist Church. And now “that day” is only a few days away. I share with all of you the excitement of our arriving pastor, Tripp Martin and his family. I have no doubt Tripp will be a great pastor and friend to all of us. It is a day to celebrate! I know Tripp will have your support as he pastors our congregation.

This will be my last “Looking Ahead” article. In coming issues, you will find me writing “Music Notes”… and I hope you will still read them. May we continue to look ahead with great anticipation knowing that God has used our church for 175 years! May our prayer be that God will continue to use our church and each of us… as we move ahead! Thank you for your support during these 40 years, but especially during this past year!

Auburn First Baptist Church