We Are One In Christ

Hymn #467 in Celebrating Grace Hymnal — “We Are One In Christ”

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We, the many who are gathered, are united here as one.
In this joyful celebration, recall what God has done.
Sent as blessing for God’s people, to go forth in love and peace,
in our witness to God’s kingdom, may charity increase.[/pullquote_center]

There is a rhythm in the life of faith. A calling together and sending out. A filling and pouring out. A holy breath shared by the beloved community. And at its very center — nourishing, strengthening, enlivening — is the shared meal of communion. The broken bread, the common cup, the old story of God’s love made new with each telling. The intimacy of sharing the brokenness of life with those we trust, and seeing that brokenness become the thing that connects us to a hurting, broken world.

For it is in this holy rhythm that we are called back into the world. Breathe in, breathe out.  Nourished, fed, strengthened by meal and story, we are compelled as witness to the story. Don’t worry that we are not up to the task at hand. We have been fed.