Water U Doing?

It is a simple question with a beautiful answer, “Water U Doing?” The answer is we are gathering in another week for Vacation Bible School. Children will come, teachers will prepare, youth will help, and classrooms will be decorated. The rooms of the church will be filled with singing, praying, laughing, and listening. We will hear stories about Jesus, as the Living Water, and we will talk about offering the love of Jesus to the world by providing clean water for drinking and growing food.

Water is important for living, for growing things, for serving others, and for playing, experiencing the joys of this life. “Water U Doing?” We are gathering at the church for growing, serving, and playing., as we always do, but specifically this week for our children. We are gathering to teach our children about Jesus, through both word and deed, as we teach them about the Living Water found in Jesus and as they serve others in Malawi, Africa by providing water pumps, fish ponds, and washing stations. The children will make crafts during the week,which will then be sold after church at a VBS Market on Sunday, raising money for the work of Watering Malawi.

“Water U Doing?” It is a simple question with a beautiful answer. At the church, we find a deep well, and we draw life from it, and life abundant. We share it with one another and with our children, who help make this life as abundant as it is for us all. It is abundant, in part, because it is a shared journey of faith, which is what we find at a well. The water is shared by all of us who gather around it.

To answer this question, we also have to express our gratitude for sharing this week with our friends at Cross Road Baptist Church, where our friend Dr. Johnny Green is pastor. Our children and their children, our teachers and their teachers will share Vacation Bible School around the well of Living Water. We will dive into the waters together, as they enliven us all. Since we will share this week with them, we will also share a meal with them the following week. On Wednesday, June 17, we will come together again in the Coleman Fellowship Hall at 6:00 p.m. for a potluck meal. We will all bring food to share in order to celebrate a week with our children as well as our friendship with one another. The beautiful answer to this simple question, “Water U Doing?,” is full of grace because at the well, where we all gather, we can help one another pull the bucket up again and again. It is then passed around for all of us to share. It enlivens us with hope, and it calls us to mercy. It creates community, and it calls us to serve our surrounding community. As we look around the well, we see people of all ages and good friends, so it reminds us that Jesus is Living Water, giving life to us all, and life abundant.