At the beginning of November, we start to think about those meaningful gatherings of the church that will happen in the upcoming weeks. We might look forward to the annual Thanksgiving meal, Advent workshop, Family Night at Christmas, or the Choir’s Christmas music. We begin planning Sunday school Christmas parties and making plans for family to visit. During this time of year, the rhythms of the church are significant.

This year we will look forward to another meaningful time to gather, as the church celebrates the ordination of Laura Edgar to the ministry of the gospel of Christ on Sunday afternoon, November 15 at 2:30 p.m. We will gather to worship and to lay hands on Laura, as a minister of the gospel of Christ. It will be a significant moment for us and for her.

The church formed an ordination council, and they have met with her and recommended her ordination to the deacons and the congregation, who have voted, and now we celebrate her ordination. We will worship together at her ordination and then gather for a reception afterwards in the fellowship hall. Whenever a church can participate in such a moment, it is a time of thanksgiving.

Each and every time a minister is ordained, the minister begins by sitting with the congregation, so Laura will step forward from the pews of the sanctuary in order to be set aside by this church as a minister of the gospel of Christ. Whenever we gather for an ordination, we are reminded that every member is a minister. It is why a minister comes from the pews of the sanctuary, and it is why we “set aside,” which can also mean “standing beside.” Not out in front, but “standing beside,” as we all walk together on this shared journey. It is the embedded theology of the church.

We are grateful for Laura’s gifts and her work at Auburn First Baptist, as they are valuable to the gospel of Christ and the kingdom of God. We are also thankful for the ministry of every member, as we work together. We are thankful for the shared journey and the leadership of many in this place. In celebrating Laura living into her calling, we all remember our calling, as the body of Christ. We look forward to giving thanks for Laura’s leadership among us and for her ministry, as we celebrate her ordination through worship and fellowship.



Auburn First Baptist Church