Building Sanctuary

Recently, the Trustees, Stewardship Committee, Deacons, and Church voted to begin a capital campaign to finance the project of replacing the sanctuary ceiling and to repay money that was borrowed from trust funds during the recent Renovation and Renewal process.

The goal of this campaign, suitably named Building Sanctuary, will be $300,000. Approximately $150,000 will be used to repair the sanctuary, while the remainder will be used to repay the debt to trust funds from our previous renovation. Our willingness to embrace this calling will indeed continue our responsible financial stewardship and continue to strengthen our financial health into the future.

During Sunday morning worship services in April, several church members will speak to us about what “sanctuary” means to them. Then, On Sunday, April 24, there will be an opportunity to turn in an Estimate of Giving Card related to the campaign. There will also be information in the coming weeks about other planned giving options.

If you have any questions about giving to the campaign, please contact the church office.

As we each consider our role in this campaign and in the place that brings us together as a Family of Faith, may we remember what the sanctuary and the people of Auburn First Baptist mean to us.

Auburn First Baptist Church