Loaves and Fishes

It was said that around five thousand people gathered there on the hill, but all they had to eat were five loaves of bread and two small fish. It was hardly enough for a small group of people, let alone this large crowd, but Jesus felt compassion for them, so he blessed the food and passed it around, along with the grace of God. As the grace of God tends to be, it was enough for everyone.

Each Tuesday morning, we take a small amount of food and serve about sixteen plates at the church, which are then delivered by the Salvation Army to residents in Auburn, who need support due to age and ability. The food is plated by the hands of the church, using the grace and compassion of God. Over the course of a year, it spreads out immensely, like the feast Jesus served to the crowd of five thousand or more.

For our Loaves and Fishes ministry, Sunday School classes or groups within the church sign up for certain months throughout the year. In the past, we have been able to cover all of the weeks throughout the year in this way. Some classes are now unable to participate due to the limitations of age, while other classes have been able to take on extra weeks, but due to this transition, we still have some weeks in need of volunteers.

We need church members to sign up for the Tuesdays in October. Individuals can team up with others and sign up for a particular Tuesday, or two. Church members can also give financially to Loaves and Fishes, knowing that they cannot come on Tuesday morning to plate the food because of their work schedule; but we can find others, who are willing to simply come and plate the food that has been purchased. There are various ways to support and participate in this valuable ministry.

If you are willing to help in some way, please email the church office at auburnfbc@mindspring.com. We are thankful for Teresa Vest, who coordinates this ministry, and if you have any questions, you can contact her as well. Together, we will continue to reach in out in compassion and to offer food each week, as we serve the community around us.


Auburn First Baptist Church