Behind the Scenes

If we walked behind the scenes of a play, we might be surprised to see props piled up in the corner, stage hands running around, actors scurrying to their places, and someone with a clipboard reminding every actor of his or her first line in the next scene. It is controlled chaos, which is shocking, because everything looks so polished on stage. This is one aspect of a shared journey, where people join their hands together in order to create something beautiful.

Behind the scenes of a congregation, there are similar hands at work, tending to important details, communicating with others, and coordinating joint efforts. People are joining hands for the sake of others. It might be a meal cooked for our college students, an anthem rehearsed by the choir, a program organized for our children, or a service project, which is planned and led by a group in the church.

During this time of year, we make recommendations to the Committee on Committees and Deacon Nominating Committee. It reminds us of the lay leadership of the church, which is the heart of a congregation. They are the many hands, which come together for ministry. It is through these groups and many others that we serve each other, living into our calling as the body of Christ.

Over the next couple weeks, we can fill out the form provided by the Committee on Committees. We can also recommend names to the Deacon Nominating Committee. Each year, we give thanks for the lay leadership of the congregation as we write down these names because they are the hands of the church.

It requires a great deal of work behind the scenes, where there are countless details and preparation is always taking place. We are grateful for how it builds the community of faith, but also for how it serves the community around us. Every time we look behind the scenes we find the hands of the church at work.

– Tripp


Auburn First Baptist Church