Follow the Star

On this Sunday, we will celebrate Christ the King Sunday, which is the last Sunday of the church year, and then on the following week, we will begin another church year with the season of Advent. The church always embraces new beginnings, as it is the nature of grace, where we renew what is at the heart of our faith. The season of Advent is about expectation, anticipation, and preparation. We are preparing for the coming of Christ!

One symbol, which hangs in the sky above Advent, is the star in which the Magi followed from the East, as they came to see Jesus after he was born. We also follow the star, as we prepare for the coming of Jesus. The church celebrates the birth of Jesus on December 25 and celebrates the arrival of the Magi after Jesus is born on January 6, which we call Epiphany. It is the day where the world, represented by the Magi, witnesses the love of God in Jesus the Christ.

The season of Advent is a journey. On this journey, we remember the past, and we look to the future. We remember the birth of Jesus in the past as well as the meaning of Jesus’ words and actions, life and death. We remember what God has done through the birth of Jesus, but the journey of Advent is also about the future. We also anticipate what God continues to do through the love of Christ, and on this journey, we listen for how we might participate in what God is doing, now and always.

Each of the four Sundays in Advent, we will gather with the church as we always do, but perhaps with renewed commitment. We will mark time by the life of Jesus and light each candle on the Advent wreath. We will turn our eyes towards the light of the star in the sky, which guides our way to the heart of our faith. During this season of the Church Year, we will turn our attention to the practices of prayer, kindness, and service. We will renew our devotion to God and to one another.

We will look towards the night sky, where we find the star, as old as grace itself, which leads us towards hope, peace, joy, and love, allowing the star to capture our imaginations and to shape our souls. We will to look for the Light of the World, illuminating all of the darkness. We will celebrate the coming of Christ!

Auburn First Baptist Church