Global Ministries Offering

Every year Auburn First Baptist Church comes together by reaching out, partnering with ministries both near and far in order to serve the needs of others. The Global Minis- tries Offering is our special, annual offering, which is be- yond and above our giving to the church’s budget, in order to broaden the reach of our ministry. We come together by reaching out.

In the GMO budget, we partner with other ministries, which extends our reach and furthers our efforts. It is one way we can participate in the work of the Spirit of God. This work might focus on feeding the hungry, providing clean water, taking a mission trip, supporting theological educa- tion, responding to disasters, or visiting the prisoner. The tasks range in size, but not in importance, as we offer oth- ers the grace of God in tangible ways.

The GMO budget for 2017-2018 is $24,500, which was approved by the church on March 9. Our budget for 2016-2017 was $24,000, and we received contributions of $16,730 for which we are grateful. In the midst of the Building Sanctuary capital campaign last year, we are thankful for all of the contributions to the Global Ministries Offering.

The GMO budget stretches from March 2017-2018. After March each year, the funds are dispersed to each minis- try within the GMO budget. If we are unable to meet the budgeted goal, the funds are dispersed on a pro-rated scale, and if we collect more than is budgeted, they are pro-rated as well.

Since the budget year for the GMO stretches from March to March, this annual offering falls within the year, which might raise a question about how to give. John Jeffers used to suggest contributing a gift equal to an extra month’s offering, which can be helpful guidance, but there might be other variables to consider. We must remember the amount of the gift is not as important as the opportunity. Even a small gift is valuable. The GMO allows us to come together by reaching out. It is one way we can join hands with each other and with ministries beyond our walls as we benefit the needs of this world. Through each and every gift, we join our hands together in order to reach out.