Joining Hands

Over the course of the next couple weeks, the Committee on Committees and the Deacon Nominating Committee are asking the congregation for input. In order for these committees to do their work well, they need assistance. Both of these committees are receiving names and forms, which can be placed in the boxes outside the church office.

The Committee on Committees surveys all of the committees of the church and fills all of the vacancies on each committee. Church members serve on committees for a three-year rotation, so each year there are vacancies to fill. The form, which can be found in this newsletter or around the church, asks church members if they are interested in serving on a particular committee.

The Deacon Nominating Committee is asking the congregation to make recommendations of church members to serve as deacons within the congregation. Deacons serve the church for three years, providing good leadership and serving the needs of the congregation. Each year, the congregation recommends church members to serve in this way. Forms are available on the table outside of the church office to fill out for the committee.

We consider these recommendations prayerfully and thoughtfully, as we are grateful for the work and leadership of the deacons and all of the committees of the church.They are the heartbeat of the congregation’s leadership.

The work of our committees, lay leaders, and deacons are ways we join our hands together. As a congregation, we join our hands with one another, serving alongside each other, for the sake of the kingdom of God. We lean into what it means to be the body of Christ, which has many parts, but one body. We value each of those parts, as they work together and as they are stronger together. Thank you for joining your hands with these two committees, as they begin their work in the next couple weeks.


Auburn First Baptist Church