Witnesses to the Baptist Heritage

In honor of Claude H. Moore’s commitment to Auburn First Baptist Church, his family enabled the church to establish these lectures in his name.

Reflections on the Reformation, Reformations, and Baptist Testimony in a Changing World

Surrounded by Witnesses

Dr. Michael E. Williams, Sr.—known by many of his students as “Dr. Mike”—is Professor of History and holds the M.Div. and Ph.D. (Church History) from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the M.A.C.T. in history from Auburn University. He has authored three books: I. T. Tichenor and the Creation of a Baptist New South (University of Alabama Press), To God Be The Glory: The Centennial History of Dallas Baptist University, 1898-1998, and Victory Through Faith: A History of the Rosen Heights Baptist Church. He is co-editing a book entitled, Turning Points in Baptist History to be published by Mercer University Press. He is especially interested in Baptist history, Nineteenth-Century American and Southern history, and Reformation studies.

Auburn First Baptist Church