Under Construction

As we drive around Auburn, whether we are passing by campus or a street corner downtown, there is construction. It always creates questions and curiosity. We might drive by our neighbor’s house, where they are building a new addition and wonder, “How long will it take to complete?” We might notice a bulldozer clearing a new lot and think, “I hope it is a Trader Joe’s grocery store.”

It is the same with churches. I remember the era of the church when it seemed like everyone was building a family life center. Business meetings were filled with the suggestion, and there was a desire to have a multi-purpose facility. News would travel around town quickly when the church broke ground. Construction invites questions and curiosity.

We look forward to our building project at Vacation Bible School on June 4-7. Our theme will be “Under Construction,” which is a VBS curriculum connected with Habitat for Humanity. We will not be changing the footprint of our building at the corner of College Street and Glenn Avenue, but we will be deeply involved in construction.

The children of the church will build relationships with one another and mentors. They will collect an offering for the work of Habitat for Humanity. They will build upon their knowledge and understanding, learning stories from scripture and songs in worship.

They will cultivate memories, which will strengthen them in the future. They will experience the love of God, which builds hope, character, and courage. They will fashion an outlook of the world based on the ways of Jesus.

It will be a week of construction, woven together with laughter, prayer, and the community of faith. Registration has begun, so if you know of someone who would be interested, they can register online or with a form in the church office. We are grateful for the leaders and teachers of VBS, and everyone preparing for this week! We look forward to the sounds of our construction site, which are the voices of the children of the church and the ways of God.


Auburn First Baptist Church