Luggage Tags

There are certain days, which punctuate the journey of faith. Each and every day of our journey, including the routine and the mundane, is meaningful; but as we look back on the past, there are particular days, which stand out. They seem to mark the seasons of our lives.

Many times these days are rooted in a journey themselves, as we travel to different places or experience new things, learning or serving in the name of Christ. When we step away, we gain another perspective or stumble upon a significant insight. The experiences stand out and speak to us for years to come.

During the month of July, several groups within the church will be updating their luggage tags and traveling to various places for these types of important experiences. Our youth and children, along with their chaperones, will be traveling to Passport Camps. They will meet folks from other churches, read stories from scripture, think about what matters in this life, worship together, and create lasting memories. The theme will be “Enough,” remembering the words of Jesus that God’s grace is always enough.

Along with these groups going to camp, church members will also go to Brazil. Again this summer, we will join with others to build a church, care for children, and distribute eyeglasses. We are thankful for all of the supplies the church has donated for this mission trip. I am grateful to be able to go this year to see first hand what I have heard about for years.

We are grateful for these types of experiences, which can punctuate our journeys. We also look forward to hearing from our youth, children, and Brazil Mission Team when they return. Each year, these groups share with us on a Thursday evening in August, telling stories and showing pictures. We share our support with them, as they share their stories with us!

On Thursday, August 9, our youth and children, who are going to Passport, will share their stories. The following week on Thursday, August 16, the Brazil Mission Team will offer their reflections. We can go ahead and place those dates on our calendars, as we offer our prayers and encouragement for these groups as they travel.


Auburn First Baptist Church