Building Community, Serving Community

As we begin yet another school year, we begin with a slightly different “look” to our newsletter. In updating the software of the church, having to change from outdated software to something different, we updated the newsletter. We are grateful to the church office for this work!

The newsletter helps us to build community and to serve community, which is woven into the rhythms and routines of the church. It communicates information, invites participation, shares opportunities, gathers us together, and calls us to serve. From our inbox, or on our refrigerator, it reminds us of this place and its people, connecting us to one another.

Throughout the newsletter, we see there are many opportunities for building community and serving community at the beginning of the school year. We will celebrate with our youth and children on Promotion Sunday. We will sit around the table with one another on Thursdays, remembering the prayers of the people. We will hear from our Passport campers and members of the Brazil Mission Team.

We are invited to participate in missions, whether it is the Jail Ministry or Community Market. We are able to support our college students by providing meals on Tuesdays. There are ways in which we can connect with each other or reach out to the needs around us.

We benefit from knowing what is taking place and it strengthens the church.  If you know of a visitor, who would be interested in receiving the newsletter, please let the church office know. We can send it by email or mail a copy to an address.

Through our gathering and our sending, we build community within the walls of the church, and we serve the community beyond them.


Auburn First Baptist Church