Waiting Tables

With a washcloth tucked into her apron, a waitress cleans up each table after a group of customers have left.  She takes all of the dishes to the kitchen to be washed.  She turns the table over for the next customers walking through the door.  She sets the table with care and introduces herself to the next group.  They glance over the menu, and she writes down their order.

Working in a restaurant is a good classroom for life.  It teaches us about service, where we can find joy in it and how to deal with the frustrations that accompany it.  We learn to greet others, create space for them, and listen to their needs.  It is an opportunity to share our efforts and expertise with one another.

We are grateful for the many hands of the church that serve together in all sorts of capacities, whether it is in formal leadership or through informal roles behind the scenes.  All forms of service strengthen the church and empowers it as a community of faith, building community within the walls of the church and serving the community beyond its walls.

One group of servants in the church is the deacons.  The Greek word in the New Testament for deacon, diakonos, refers to those, who are willing to “wait tables.”  They help the body of Christ remember its purpose, caring for the poor and vulnerable, expressing our gratitude to God, and creating a place at the table for every child of God.  We are thankful for our deacons, serving in that role!

Each year, we recommend and nominate members of the church to serve as deacons.  The Deacon Nominating Committee will begin its work in September.  On the table outside of the church office, there are forms to recommend church members to serve as a deacon.  These names help the committee complete its work thoughtfully and prayerfully.

I encourage you to take a moment and write down several names for the Deacon Nominating Committee to consider.  You can also take a form home, fill it out, and bring it back to church.  The last day to recommend names will be September 16. Thank you for contributing to this important process, as we nominate church members to serve in these ways!


Auburn First Baptist Church