Going Forward

In these early weeks of 2019, we reflect on the days of 2018, giving thanks and beginning again!  As a congregation, we are thankful for the commitment of the church in 2018 to our ministry and mission.  We are grateful for the many ways in which the congregation extended the grace of God to others, building community and serving community.

In 2018, we gave over $96,000 to ministries efforts throughout the year. Our Global Ministries Offering received $21,485.  We contributed $36,959 to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.  We also received $8,343.35 for our Benevolence Offerings and distributed $16,000 from our Mission Trust Fund. Our youth and children sabbath offering also made contributions.

We were also able to pay off the debt to ourselves from our Renovation & Renewal project, which borrowed $150,000 from our trust funds.  We allocated $80,000 for HVAC replacement, preparing for the years to come. We earmarked part of the income from our parking lot agreement for future facility needs, and we purchased a new church bus, benefitting many groups in the congregation.

Going forward in 2019, we need to continue growing into our current budget.  Our budget giving in 2018 trailed slightly than the previous year.  Our goal is not a bigger budget, but to find a sustainable rhythm for our mission and ministries.

Together, we invite each other to consider our monthly gifts to the church.  If you have not given monthly, please consider a small gift each month.  If you have given regularly, consider increasing your monthly gift by a small amount.  We also give through our time, presence, and service to one another.

The beauty and strength of stewardship is many hands coming together, accomplishing more together than we can on our own.

We continue to give thanks for the commitment of the congregation, as we go forward into 2019!


Auburn First Baptist Church