Life Is Calling

In the fall of 2018, Auburn FBC was asked to participate in the Life is Calling Initiative at the Center for Congregational Resources at Samford University.  Samford received a grant in order to promote the meaning of “calling” in congregations. Along with our participation in this initiative, we can also apply for a substantial grant, focused on the calling of our congregation!

The Life is Calling Initiative is an invitation to renew our sense of calling in the shared journey of faith.

Our Life is Calling Committee, which was approved in the fall, includes Leah Duzy, Beth Smith, Ronda West, Patrick White, and Mark Wilson. They will participate in this program, reflecting on our story, or calling, as a congregation. They will ask, “What does it mean to live into our story as a church?” They will reflect on how we can tell our story to others and live more fully into who we are as part of the body of Christ.

Our first meeting at the Center for Congregational Resources at Samford was Saturday, January 12. We met with the other fifteen congregations participating in this program, and we started our conversation about our church’s calling.

In 2019, we will continue to meet as a committee, reflecting on our calling, as we prepare a grant proposal to submit later this year. Samford will also ask us to participate in a survey and small group listening sessions about our congregation’s understanding of the meaning of “calling.”

We are excited about this initiative and the opportunities it presents! It is a gift to our congregation, as we give thanks for our story, including our heritage and our future. We continue to live into our story fully at the corner of College Street and Glenn Avenue!


Auburn First Baptist Church