Water U Doing?

I saw a question on a t-shirt years ago, which read, “Water U Doing?”  It was the type of question that captures your attention. It makes you wonder what the difference is between “What are you doing?” and “Water U Doing?” It is a question asked by Watering Malawi.

Auburn FBC has supported Watering Malawi for years, which is a ministry started by Colleen Burroughs, who is also a co-founder of Passport. Colleen grew up in Malawi as a child of missionaries. When Malawi started to suffer from drought, and there was an acute need for clean water projects, Watering Malawi was started. It is why the question asks, “Water U Doing?”

Watering Malawi is providing wells, which are given to a “Mother’s Club,” a group of fifteen women, who are owners of the well.  It is creating simple irrigation systems for gardens, so Malawians can sustain themselves through cyclical drought. It is providing education, building fish farms, and installing bathrooms for schools.

During Vacation Bible School from June 3-6, the children of the church will learn about Watering Malawi, and many stories from scripture about water. They will talk about how God cares, chooses, heals, and surprises us.  They will ask, “Water U Doing?”

We are thankful for all of the leaders and volunteers of Vacation Bible School. They will welcome the children, teach them, laugh with them, create crafts with them, and learn about the mission of Watering Malawi. The children will bless the halls of the church, filling them with questions and joy.

We look forward to the week of Vacation Bible School, as we make last minute preparations and anticipate the arrival of the children. We are also thankful that Colleen Burroughs will come and talk about Watering Malawi one night with our children.

We give thanks for the life-giving quality of water in our lives and in our faith, as we continue to ask, “Water U Doing?”