Sharing the Workload

There are many ways in which we serve together, or work together, as a congregation.  We find them in the connections between each of us.  We pray for one another.  We are concerned for one another.  We support one another and share the journey of faith together!

One way we serve and work together is through the committees and deacons of the congregation.  We make decisions together and respond to the needs of the church and its surrounding community through our committees and deacons.  We also practice discernment and organize our ministry through our committees and deacons.  We are thankful for them!

We share the mission and ministry of the church, which is why the tasks of the Deacon Nominating Committee and Committee on Committees are so important.  The Deacon Nominating Committee will begin its work in September, so they are asking the congregation to submit names as recommendations for deacons.  This is an essential step in their task!

Take a moment in the next couple weeks to write down several names for the Deacon Nominating Committee.  There is a box outside of the church office where those names can be placed.

The Committee on Committees will also start meeting in September.  They are inviting the congregation to fill out a form, signifying any committees in which they are interested in serving.  Our committees engage in important work, while also forming connections with one another that span the generations of the church.

We benefit from one another, as we serve and work together!  In practicing discernment with one another, we discover the perspective of others, which informs our own.  We learn to widen the circle of our lives, offering leadership that is without agenda, but only concerned for the common good.

We give thanks for our committees and deacons, as they serve the church and lead us to serve our surrounding community, and beyond!


Auburn First Baptist Church