Ways to Remember

Whenever we experience something meaningful, we need ways to remember it. It is why we gather for worship to sing of God’s goodness, to gather around the table to share in God’s grace, or to read the stories of our faith, celebrating the life of Jesus. We gather to remember God’s enduring love and how it goes with us on the journey of faith!

With satire and humor, Brett Younger describes what the saints of our faith throughout scripture might have done to remember. Noah stayed off boats for the rest of his life. Jacob liked looking at the ladders at Home Depot. Moses walked barefoot, except at work. Mary like to sit under the stars, looking at the brightest one in the sky. The prodigal son always ate fatted calf on his birthday. The couple from Emmaus never forgot to say grace before a meal.

One practical way we remember in worship is by bringing our offerings. We bring our time, talents, and financial gifts to remember God’s enduring love. We remember the gift of life and the grace of God, which gives us life anew. We remember the calling we share as the body of Christ and the abundant life found within it.

There are many ways in which the church has described stewardship.  We have talked about avoiding bigger barns and celebrating the widow’s mite. We have imagined the early church sharing all things in common, and we have discussed where our treasure is because it impacts our hearts. We can also talk about stewardship as “remembering.”

We need ways to remember because it renews our gratitude. We give in order to remember the generosity of God. We remember the foundation of God’s love beneath our feet. We need ways to remember that bind us to others because we share so much with them.

As the season of stewardship is upon us, we will remember together! We will gather on Sunday, October 6 for Pledge Sunday. We will remember God’s grace in our lives and in the life of Auburn FBC. For all the gifts of the congregation, we give thanks to God! We are thankful for the commitment of the church!


Auburn First Baptist Church