Children’s Sabbath

We search for ways to nurture our children in the life of faith. It is not a task we take lightly, and it is not a task we do alone. Our children are encountering a world full of questions. They will ask us many of those questions, and as we respond to them, there is not a textbook with the answers in the back.

We might worry about how to answer many of their questions about God and faith. We wonder, “When my child asks about God, where do I begin? The Bible says many things, which are difficult to explain. How do we discuss them? What if she asks a question I cannot answer?”

To be certain, she will ask a question we cannot answer, but this is not a misstep on the journey. It is part of the adventure. It is part of the reason we are thankful we do not have to do this alone.

In worship when we dedicate a child to God, the parents say they will teach their child about God, but then we ask, “Is anyone else to help with the child’s guidance?” The entire congregation answers, “Yes, we too will share in her growth, for she belongs to us as well.”

As a congregation, we want to nurture the children of the church in the life of faith. One way we nurture their faith is by inviting them to lead! We invite them to lead in worship because writing a prayer or using our voice to give thanks to God, and leading others to do the same, engages our faith in a deep and personal way.

When we are asked to lead, we are empowered to claim our faith! We also feel the affirmation of the church. Inviting our children to lead in worship affirms their faith, saying more than words can say. They feel the love of the congregation, as they lead us in prayer or engage us in worship.

The answers to the questions the children of the church will ask are important, but what is most important is walking alongside them. Asking them to lead in worship lets them know that we walk beside them. The children of the church can look to their left or to their right and feel the support of the congregation!


Auburn First Baptist Church