Life is Calling

Every year, we look forward to the gatherings of Thanksgiving. We gather with family, and we gather with the family of faith, which we will do again on Thursday, November 21. We will enjoy a meal with one another around the table, sharing time for fellowship and gratitude.

We are thankful in many ways for the community of faith at Auburn First Baptist.  It is life-giving to us! We celebrate it with one another because it is a gift. The story of our family of faith enriches our lives and the community in which we live.

After our Thanksgiving meal, we will celebrate the meal of the Lord’s Table, serving communion to one another. It reminds us how the Lord’s Table shapes all of the other tables in our lives. It proclaims the grace of God, which binds us together as a family of faith. It is one of those moments where Auburn First Baptist is at its best!

For this year’s Thanksgiving meal, we will also hear from the Life is Calling Committee. They have spent this year meeting with one another and reflecting on the shared calling of our family of faith. They have thought about the story of this community of faith and how we can lean into it and share it with others.

At our meal, the Life is Calling Committee will present its grant proposal to the congregation before it is submitted to the Center for Congregational Resources at Samford University. Before submitting it, they want to present it and seek the affirmation of the church.

The title of the grant proposal is A Place at the Table: Building and Serving Community.  It speaks of the grace and community we find around the table of communion and how this table sends us out to share this grace with others.  We are thankful for the community we find around the table of communion, as we gather around the table at the corner of College Street and Glenn Avenue; and we extend an invitation to others to find a place at this table as well.

Living fully into our calling as a congregation is a sacred journey.  The Lord’s Table is the place where we find this calling and keep rediscovering it along the way.  It is like the disciples on their way to Emmaus, where they did not realize it was Jesus traveling with them until they sat down to break bread together.  Their eyes were opened, and they were sent out to care for others.  We give thanks for the family of faith at Auburn First Baptist and the Lord’s Table, which shapes all our other tables.


Auburn First Baptist Church