What Cannot Wait

In a world full of reminders, sticky notes, calendar notifications, and scheduling challenges, we do not like to wait! When we are forced to wait, we can feel the power of anticipation. We are drawn into the gravity of expectation, pulling us deeper into life’s opportunities.

Our waiting is not passive because anticipation nudges us to act! The anticipation, which emerges from deep within our bones, shapes our actions. When we are waiting on the coffee to brew, we are rummaging around for the newspaper, so we can read through the headlines when the coffee maker beeps. As we are waiting for company to arrive, we are straightening the couch cushions and shifting our attention to the needs of hospitality. Our waiting prompts our actions!

The waiting of Advent is not passive either! As we await the arrival of the birth of Jesus, who we proclaim as the Prince of Peace, our anticipation focuses our attention on our role within the world’s need for peace. When we are waiting for the Word become flesh, we envision ways we can embody the love of God through the love of neighbor.

Advent calls us to wait, but it also focuses on what cannot wait. As we await the arrival of Jesus, John the Baptist reminds us not to wait passively. We are to prepare the way of the Lord!

We can embrace the hope, peace, joy, and love of God during Advent, recognizing that we cannot wait on such sacred gifts. The good news is that as we prepare the way of the Lord and work towards these gifts we do not have to accomplish them by ourselves. We await the birth of Jesus, who will show us the way and walk beside us.

We await Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.” We celebrate a love that will never let us go. As we wait, the anticipation will shape our thoughts, prayers, and actions! We look forward to Advent, as we feel the powerful anticipation of Christmas, slowing us down and deepening our understanding of God’s presence.