The First Day of the Year

We are beginning again! It is the beginning of another year.  It is a launch pad into something brand new. As we take these first steps into the New Year, we create resolutions. We set goals for the year, and we make a commitment to remain “resolved” in following them.

We can talk about our accomplishments, which were a result of our committed resolve, like finishing a degree, starting a business, renovating a house, planning a reunion, or cleaning out the garage. We identified our goal, we broke down the steps, and we worked each day to complete it! There are other dreams and desires, which cannot be accomplished in this way.

Since Christmas is not only a day, but also a season, including the twelve days following Christmas Day, the first day of the year falls within the season of Christmas, as the Church is still celebrating the Light of the World.

On Christmas Eve, we watched as the Light of Christ was passed from one hand to another. It is a breathtaking moment, which quiets our souls and arrests our hearts. It roots us again in the love of God by receiving the light from one person and then passing it along to another.

For many of our dreams and desires, we do not accomplish them through a “resolved” commitment, but rather a “receptive” commitment. We receive it like the grace of God, which guides each step of the process.

At the beginning of this year, we might make resolutions, which are “receptive” commitments. We might pray for “eyes to see.” We might listen to others around the table. We might write down what we are grateful for each day. We might open our Bibles and ask a few more questions. We might share a hymnal with someone in worship. We might share the story of our community of faith with someone else. We can receive the grace of God from one person and then pass it along to another!

We do not know where it might lead us, but we can make a resolution to receive God’s Spirit and see where it takes us!


Auburn First Baptist Church