Road Signs

As I have listened to our Life is Calling Committee, which has been working for a year, dreaming and envisioning opportunities for our congregation to build community within its walls and to serve community beyond them, I have thought about the past and the future. In many ways, the church has always faced opportunities and obstacles, which will remain true for the future. I am thankful for all the ways in which this congregation has engaged those opportunities and obstacles in the past with grace and commitment.

The future will hold both of these as well, like the road signs we encounter as we drive up and down mountain roads. Mountains have always represented the journey of faith and an encounter with the Spirit of God. The road signs we see on mountain roads are instructive and imperative.

The sign warning us there is no passing reminds us to share the road with others. There are signs pointing out trailheads, where we can pay attention for hikers that might need help as we pass them. There are signs for possible rock fallings, calling us to keep our eyes open for the unexpected.

The most telling sign is the warning of curvy roads. Throughout the mountains, we rarely drive straight.  We are always twisting and turning. On the journey of faith, we are called to engage each turn thoughtfully, prayerfully, and with God’s grace. The turns are both opportunities and obstacles! We embrace this journey together by leaning into the ways of Jesus.

We celebrate because AFBC has been awarded $30,000 for its grant proposal through the Life is Calling Initiative, which was submitted by our Life is Calling Committee! The committee will begin implementing these projects approved by the church at its Business Meeting in December 2019. We look forward to how these initiatives embrace the opportunities and obstacles of the future!

We are thankful for the Life is Calling Committee members: Beth L. Smith, Mark Wilson, Patrick White, Leah Duzy, and Ronda West (Tripp Martin and Laura Edgar, ex-officio).


Auburn First Baptist Church