Five Years

Five years ago, Auburn First Baptist Church called Laura Edgar as its Associate Pastor for Youth, College, and Young Adults, and for countless reasons, we give thanks! We are thankful for Laura’s ministry and the many ways it has shaped our young people. She has spent these five years traveling alongside our youth and walking next to our college students.

On May 15, 2020, Laura will celebrate five years of ministry at Auburn FBC! During this time of sheltering in place, it is easy to lose track of time. In order to keep track of time, and to celebrate it, we do well to mark our time. We need an opportunity to express our thanksgiving!

We had planned on marking this time by recognizing Laura at the end of worship on May 17, but we will wait until we are able to gather together again on Sunday morning. In the meantime, we can write notes of gratitude and send words of encouragement to mark this significant anniversary! We can still mark this time with our words in a meaningful way.

The beauty of these notes and words is that they will outlast the immediate moment. They will continue to speak beyond the anniversary of five years, as they can be revisited and read again. Before May 15, I invite you to write a note to Laura to express your thanksgiving for the ministry she has shared with us. These notes can be mailed to the church office.

We are thankful for all the ways in which Laura has ministered to our young people and our congregation. We mark this time by saying, “Thanks be to God.” We are thankful for the gifts of grace and the hope of community, for which Laura has offered, shared, and given!

We celebrate with Laura and Seth and all they mean to this congregation! We are thankful for the ways they have spent their time among us!


Auburn First Baptist Church