Connections and Community

With the publication of this newsletter, we will have spent nine Sundays apart, which has included streaming worship, Zoom meetings, recorded reflections, countless phone calls, and even more emails. We are thankful for all the ways we have been able to remain connected as a community of faith!

We are also thankful for the congregation, as it continues the ministry of the church. Many committees are meeting virtually. During this time, the Stewardship Committee has continued to meet each month. The Deacons have met in order to stay up to date on the life of the congregation and to make decisions where important. The Child Development Center Committee has overseen the transitions of the daycare, and the Personnel Committee has met to provide guidance to the staff.

The leaders of Vacation Bible School have shifted gears to plan a virtual VBS and adjustments have been made to support Loaves and Fishes financially. We are thankful for the lay leadership in worship each week in word and in song. Many church members are coordinating caregiving ministries through deliveries, notes, and baking cookies.

We are always thankful for the ministry of the congregation, but particularly during a time such as this. It creates connections between us, while providing leadership and strength to the community of faith.

When we approach the time of gathering again, we will continue to rely on the leadership of the congregation. We do not have a target date for gathering again because it will be determined by our progress in limiting the number of new cases of Covid-19. We will remain patient until we can determine the safety and limit the risk of gathering together.

In determining when to gather again, we will consult the recommendations of medical professionals and the leadership of the congregation, for which we give thanks! We are also aware that our gatherings in the future will look different, and we are making necessary preparations. Our live streaming will continue.

As we await that time, we remain connected by the ministry of the church and the grace of God, which binds all things together!


Auburn First Baptist Church