During this time of year, we usually lean into our expectations for the fall semester. We would expect the return of various church programs, the festivities of Saturdays, the return of our weekly rhythm; but for this fall, our expectations are in a holding pattern. We are not sure what to expect! We are trying to decide what are realistic expectations and what are not. We are not sure what the coming weeks will entail.

Our assumptions and intentions have an asterisk by them, where we qualify everything we say. We preface so much by saying, “If we are able, then we will . . . .” It is hard to say what the academic year will look like, but we will adapt and remain flexible.

We are thankful for the work of the Ad Hoc Committee for Worship and Gatherings, as they have been assessing the possibilities and discerning the best course of action. They have prioritized the safety of the congregation as well as our community. Even though we do not know what to expect, we will adjust together.

Our schedule might look different. We might have virtual options, where in the past we have gathered in the same room.

We long for the opportunity to be together, but we remain committed to one another. Even though we are not sure what to expect, there are certain things we can predict.

  • We can expect the church to say we are loved and forgiven.
  • We can expect the church to say we are welcomed and supported.
  • We can expect the church to say we are called and connected to others.
  • We can expect the church to help us to love God and to love our neighbor.

Even if we are not sure what the calendar will look like, we can expect the church to say those things to us. The church will say we are bound to one another by the grace of God, which continues to be at work in us and in this world!


Auburn First Baptist Church