Driving on the interstate, making our journey down the road, we do not pay attention to every single mile marker, but there are landmarks we notice along the way. When we arrive to a new state, or reach a major city, we announce it to the entire car!

As we are apart, we want to pay attention to the important milestones. Earlier this year, we recognized Laura Edgar’s 5th anniversary at the church. We were waiting to celebrate further when we could be in the room together; but since we are not sure when that will happen, Laura will preach on August 30 in celebration of her anniversary.

We will also recognize another major anniversary this month, as we will celebrate with Bryan King in recognition of his 20th anniversary as our Organist. On August 24, Bryan will have provided beautiful music and leadership in worship for twenty years. We could not be more thankful for what he means to the congregation!

We could never put our gratitude into words, but the congregation is encouraged and invited to writes notes of thanksgiving to Bryan for his ministry in honor of this significant anniversary. The notes and letters can be mailed to the church office (128 E Glenn Avenue, 36830).

For two decades, Bryan has helped us sing our praise and gratitude to God! He has helped us lift our voices in song and bind us together as a community of faith. We celebrate his talents and dedication! He has also been our friend on the journey. Let us celebrate his ministry among us!

Our journey continues, as we offer support to one another and remain connected to the community of faith. We are thankful for the many hands who make our worship service possible over live stream. We are grateful for the congregation as it cares for each other. We give thanks that God is always with us, wherever we are, holding us together as the church!


Auburn First Baptist Church