Welcoming A New Year

We begin this year with a vision towards renewal! As with any year, we do not know what the days ahead will hold, but following the ups and downs of 2020, we strive towards renewal. We continue to keep the efforts of healthcare workers and the distribution of a vaccine in our prayers. We also look forward to the return of gatherings and worship in the months to come.

As we look forward to renewal, we continue to maintain the life of the church. During this time of year, we usually gather for Committee Night, where each committee will meet, discuss its ministry for the year, and elect officers. Since we cannot meet in person for Committee Night, the Committee on Committees has arranged for committees to meet on Zoom.

Each minister will contact its committees to convene Zoom meetings, where officers can be elected and committee members can connect. These meetings will take place over the course of the month of January.

We are thankful for the work of committees and the lay leadership of the congregation. In ways which are recognizable as well as in ways which go unnoticed, the lay leadership of the church continues to invigorate the ministry of Auburn FBC.

We give thanks for the gift of collective wisdom, the strength of community, and the ministry of empathy through our lay leaders. We are thankful for the shared journey of faith! Whenever these recent months have felt overwhelming, we have been able to draw strength from one another.

During these weeks of not gathering, the grace of God, which binds us together, has sustained us, reminding us that we are never alone. We have received a note in the mail. We have received cookies at the front door. We have received a phone call from a familiar voice.

Through creativity and commitment, the congregation has continued to minister to one another and to the needs of our surrounding community. We continue to seek renewal as a community of faith!


Auburn First Baptist Church