A Song of Celebration!

During the time we have been apart, where we have been unable to gather in person for worship, we have missed many things; but perhaps none of them more important than singing! We have felt again the significance of the sacred gift of song. Our songs express our faith, and they shape our faith as well.

Since we have missed singing, we are acutely grateful for Morris Driggers, who was called to Auburn First Baptist as its Associate Pastor for Music five years ago. We celebrate this five-year anniversary, and we are thankful for Morris’ ministry to the congregation! He has spent these five years enriching our worship, walking alongside of us, and sharing in the journey with us.

On February 15, 2021, Morris will mark this anniversary, so the congregation is invited to write notes and to send letters of gratitude in the weeks to come. We want to celebrate this anniversary, giving thanks for his gifts and commitment. These written words will be a gift, which he can revisit in the years to come. These notes and letters can be mailed to the church office.

When we hear the voices of the choir, or the congregation, come together in song, we are reminded of the gift of community and the strength of fellowship. We are called “to help each other walk the mile and bear the load.” We are thankful for the ways in which Morris has led us on this journey.

We are grateful for Morris and Dawn, who offer such leadership to the music ministry and for all they mean to our congregation! We are thankful for the ways they lead us to faithfully sing and live. The music ministry is found at the heart of our worship, and it enriches our community of faith.

In the upcoming weeks, I invite you to express your thanksgiving through notes of encouragement and gratitude, as we celebrate with Morris, Dawn, and their family!


Auburn First Baptist Church