As we continue to turn the page into a new year, we are deeply thankful for the commitment of the congregation. We have seen committees navigate the circumstances of a pandemic and ministries make necessary adjustments. We have also witnessed the dedication of the congregation!

We entered 2020 with a deficit of about $30,000 after finishing the previous two years slightly behind, and we did not know that a pandemic would affect our gatherings and ministries. Throughout the year, the congregation demonstrated a commitment to its giving. There were only a few months where our expenses were higher than our contributions.

Our end of the year giving was also positive, and we finished the year with a significant surplus of about $105,930. Our expenses were lower in 2020 because of the restrictions related to gathering, but our overall contributions were also higher than previous years. We are thankful for the dedication of the congregation!

The Stewardship Committee and Deacons have approved recommendations for allocating the surplus, allowing the church to plan for major projects in the future. We will need to replace heating and air conditioning units and aging roofs. We also need to replace the carpet in the sanctuary this spring. The congregation will vote on these recommendations in a virtual Business Meeting this month.

In addition to this surplus, the congregation also gave more to missions in 2020 than previous years. Including our mission giving through the church budget, additional gifts by church members, and the Mission Trust Fund, the church gave more than $171,000 to missions. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve others and support our partners in ministry.

We give thanks for the dedication of the congregation and the benefit it has on the church’s long-term financial health. We celebrate the church’s dedication, and we look forward to another year of ministry together!


Auburn First Baptist Church