It Keeps Happening

We are thankful for the season of Easter, or Eastertide, as it stretches out the joy of Easter morning for more than one day. The season of Easter lasts for fifty days, leading us from Easter morning to the Day of Pentecost. During this season, we celebrate the new life of God’s steadfast love!

If we are not careful, though, we can leave Easter in the past. We might celebrate Easter, remembering the day of the resurrection, but if we are not intentional, we can accidently leave it there. Easter is not just an event in the past! It happens over and over again, as we discover new life in God’s grace.

Easter can call us to see God’s steadfast love at work, even today! It takes place when a teacher invests in a student, opening new doors for him or her to walk through in life. It might be renewed confidence or the opportunity to attend college. It could impact their future career and how they will use their gifts to serve others.

We might also discover it in the kindness of others, reaching out to a friend, who has been overwhelmed and ready to give up; but the voice of a friend changed the person’s outlook. It gave them patience to endure what they could not avoid. On the other side of this difficult time, they realized the love of God was found in the love of a friend.

As we reach the end of the school year, we are thinking about our students, who have endured a year, which has not been like any other. They have adapted to new circumstances, and they have inspired us! We are also thankful for their teachers and administrators for prioritizing them during this time. We also recognize the kindness of friends and family, which carried them through it all.

On Sunday, April 25, we will recognize our college graduates, giving thanks for them as they start a new chapter in their lives. On Sunday, May 2, we will celebrate our high school graduates, as they achieve a great deal and take their next step. We will celebrate them and offer our blessing on them!

As we celebrate, we will remember that God’s steadfast love continues to go with us, as Easter did not just happen in the past. It keeps happening!


Auburn First Baptist Church