Standing at a Threshold

I am thankful, and excited, to be back in Auburn! I had an enriching Sabbath Study Leave, reading about God’s creation and engaging conversations about the changing religious landscape around the church. We enjoyed time together as a family, and we loved seeing the beauty of several National Parks. I am thankful for the work of the lay leadership and staff this summer, while I was away. I will share briefly about my Sabbath Study Leave at our Business Meeting on Thursday, August 5th at 5:45 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

As we look forward to the weeks to come, we stand at the edge of a threshold, as we do each and every fall. We have been looking at this fall from a distance, but it is now in front of us. Over the past sixteen months, we have navigated a great deal and remained limited in our gatherings.

We are thankful for the Ad Hoc Committee for Worship & Gatherings, as they continue to guide us, and the congregation for its resilience as well as our healthcare professionals and local healthcare system.

While we have been apart, the ministry of the congregation has continued! We have sustained our missions and supported one another, while also accomplishing other goals. We replaced the carpet in the Sanctuary and constructed an accessible walkway from the Gay Street parking lot. Again, we are thankful for the leadership of the congregation!

We now look forward to this fall, while still navigating lingering concerns of the pandemic. In particular, we are thankful our Sunday School classes will reconvene on August 8.

There continues to be the need for caution, healing, and grief because of the past year, but our rehabilitation includes the support of our family of faith and the bond of God’s grace, which always holds us together! The gift of love in community with others is born out of God’s Love!

As we begin this fall, let us listen closely for the presence of God, who always goes with us!