Children’s Sabbath and Churchwide Picnic

This Sunday we will not only gather for worship, but also gather around the children of the church, as they lead us in worship! Each year we recognize their voices among us, listening as they lead us in song and prayer. We give thanks for the gift of their presence and the value of their gifts.

It reminds us that worship is the work of the people. Each week as we come together in the sanctuary, worship is the activity of everyone. We join our voices to sing and pray, to praise and proclaim. We worship with our presence and our thanksgiving through the bond of community.

Inviting the children of the church to lead us in worship is an outcome of the meaning of worship. They can come forward and use their voices to lead us! We gain from their present gifts, and we empower them for future leadership. It is a gift to us, and to the churches where they will participate in the future.

The offering for Children’s Sabbath will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lee County. Children can bring school and art supplies to worship, which we will gather for the Boys and Girls Club, or financial donations will also be accepted.

After Children’s Sabbath, we will gather at Town Creek Park for our Churchwide Picnic. The Children’s Committee is providing box lunches this year, so you will not need to bring a side dish. We were not able to gather for our annual picnic last year, so we celebrate this opportunity!

Along with worship, we will share in the fellowship of a meal. We will laugh and tell stories.  We will catch up and watch the children play. We will enjoy the afternoon together!

One thing, which we have all missed during the pandemic, is our connections with others. We are thankful for the connections of the church! They hold us when life is difficult, and they fill our lives with joy, as we benefit from the friendships and fellowship. We continue to add back those connections, giving thanks for the gift of one another!


Auburn First Baptist Church