A Potluck Approach

At the corner of College & Glenn, the ministry of Auburn FBC has always prioritized lay leadership. We give thanks for the leadership, both past and present, which has served this congregation! Whether it is formal or informal leadership, we join hands as a congregation to serve others. We make decisions, initiate ministry, and serve the surrounding community together!

The leadership of the congregation is like a potluck dinner. Everyone brings their gifts and dedication to the table, where it is shared. The table is crowded with casseroles and desserts, side dishes and appetizers. We recognize the many gifts, which contribute to the overall ministry.

When we gather for a potluck, we are reminded of the fellowship, which surrounds the table as well as empowers the ministry of the church. Fellowship is always found in the background, and it is often times unnoticed. The bonds of fellowship and friendship, where we not only share the ministry of the church, but also our everyday lives are vital to the congregation.

We will gather for our first quarterly Business Meeting on Thursday, January 27. It is an exercise in lay leadership! At this meeting, we will vote on two new members to the Nominating Committee and review the financial report from the previous year. We will make decisions and enjoy fellowship!

We were planning to have a potluck dinner at our Business Meeting, but out of caution for our local Covid-19 cases, we will gather only for the Business Meeting.

We will give thanks for the lay leadership of the congregation, as it continues to guide us forward. We will continue not only to share the work of the church, but also our everyday lives!


Auburn First Baptist Church